Until very recently Independent (INDY) Artist and New Artist could not get Traditional Radio Air Play.  It just has not
happened in many years.  In the past few month there has been a change of direction in this matter and some of the
Major Radio Networks are giving INDY and New Artist a chance to get Internet Play on their stations and even a chance
for ON AIR Play.  THANKS to ALL the Stations that are doing this.

Here is how it  works at this time.  If you go to your stations web site and look for NEW or INDY Artist and follow this link
your will have a chance to hear the new music….including local Artist.  The more people that listen to a song on the
Internet Link the better the chance it will be played ON AIR—Regular Radio Channels.

Here is my LINK with KSSN County Radio in Little Rock, Arkansas…..

Rhonda Kaye (I Still Look Good In A Pair Of Jeans) Link

And their complete New Artist Link…

New Artist / INDY Link

Thanks for all your help and hope to hear from you. or
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